Accelerating IoT-led Digital Transformation

IoT-led Digital Transformation

Reduce risk, ensure compliance and improve experience at your enterprise

Reduce Risk, Ensure Compliance and Improve Experience at your enterprise

iBUS co-engineers and co-develops IoT solutions with you. We leverage our deep understanding of infra to acclerate IoT adoption across commercial real estate applications. We focus on critical, high priority KPIs including reducing risks or enahancing security, ensuring compliance and improving user experience.

iBUS IoT delivers across high-priority use cases

iBUS IoT delivers across high-priority use cases

Why choose iBUS IoT


We understand infra: iBUS is a trusted connecticity solutions provider, with presense across 50+ Indian cities.


iBUS IoT networks can be deployed at fraction of the cost. Our IoT solutions come with lower TCO.


iBUS IoT strives to disrupt present business models, shaping businesses to become future-ready.


Designed for scale from the start, iBUS IoT gears your business for seamless operations and better outcomes.

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Consulting-led IoT solutions

Consulting-led IoT solutions

We co-create solutions, led by consulting. Be a part of our Integra workshops, join the discussion with our IoT Expert team.