"We foster a culture of listening, learning and leading - the 3L's that are at the heart of everything we do. We prioritize actively listening to our team and addressing their needs, while continuously learning and evolving as a company. Our focus is not on streamlining processes to achieve mediocre perfection, but on embracing our unique and dynamic nature, leveraging it to fuel our growth and success"

Uttam Vasudevan,
VP of People, Growth and culture

Diversity at iBUS

At iBUS, we harness a culture of diversity, equity, and inclusion. We primarily focus on fostering a culture of respect and acceptance where every employee can bring their authentic selves to work and thrive. Our hiring practices, employee resource groups and training programs reflects our commitment to our diverse culture.

iBuzz at iBUS

As someone who has always been passionate about the telecom sector, I was searching for an organization that not only excels in this space but also recognizes and rewards my efforts. I found my solution in iBUS – a fast-paced company that is deeply committed to leadership, teamwork, and communication while providing an excellent work-life balance. I appreciate the freedom to make my own choices, and the company's employee-friendly policies ensure that I have the resources and support I need to succeed. The company also has robust employee growth development plans and recognizes hard work, which has helped me achieve my full potential. What truly sets iBUS apart is its culture. The company feels like a second family away from home, with everyone from the top leadership level to my colleagues committed to supporting each other.

Anurup Basil Varghese Senior Manager - Acquisition and Sales

Although I've only been with this organization for seven months, I have noticed Ibus's unique culture since day one. iBUS is a dynamic organization that places a great deal of trust in its employees' skills and rewards them for their contributions. I am fortunate to work with an encouraging manager and supportive coworkers. The organization's combination of a competitive work environment, cordial atmosphere, and commitment to work-life balance is particularly appealing to me.

Ankita Singh Senior Manager - Institutional Sales and Acquisition

I believe that my skills are a great fit for my position at iBUS, and I am excited about the opportunities to work with new cloud technology, which aligns with my domain expertise and provides a scope for learning and implementing new ideas. The work culture at iBUS encourages open communication, collaboration, and values each employee, which creates a supportive environment. This results in stronger relationships and increased productivity. iBUS sets itself apart by offering appreciation and reward, growing opportunities, and an open platform for discussing with management. The supportive work culture motivates everyone to work together and achieve their best.

Vishwas Khot Senior Specialist - Information technology

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