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iBUS Mobility is one of India’s most extensive in-building connectivity solutions provider enabling commercial real estate, Government and public institutions.

iBUS Mobility is a market leader, pioneering the efforts
to bridge the digital divide by enabling
mobile network connectivity across geographies


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IBS Solutions​

Delivering indoor mobile network coverage for seamless connectivity

iBUS Mobility creates convergent, interoperable, reliable, and secure digital infrastructure compatible with all existing cellular networks.​

Our infrastructure is 5G-ready and helps improve business continuity.​

Our IBS takes charge of managing the system while the building is poised to provide high-speed connectivity and hyper-personalized user experience.

DAS Commercial & Enterprise

Enable mobile connectivity with Zero CapEx​


iBUS Mobility provides DAS solutions that enable a dedicated network within the building for seamless voice & data coverage.


Designed to meet 98% coverage area indoors be it the basement, common area, lift lobby, and saleable area.

Preserve building

iBUS Mobility works in line with interiors and helps maintain aesthetics by optimizing telecom shafts/cable trays.

Shared infrastructure

All operators have access to the same infrastructure (antennas/ cables) which helps enable a level playing field.

Solving industry challenges

Small Cell Solutions​

Increasing overall network capacity and delivering
round-the-clock connectivity in high-dense areas

iBUS Small Cell solutions enable telecom companies and infra owners to provide instant network coverage in densely populated commercial and non-commercial areas.​

With simple and seamless operations, iBUS delivers complete Small Cell solutions with robust service management processes.

iBUS Empowers people with highly effective mobile network coverage.

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Why choose iBUS Small Cell

Deploy at speed
and at scale​

iBUS comes handy with the resources and expertise you need to install and manage millions of Small Cell units.


iBUS Small Cell units consume less power in comparison to conventional base stations.


Offload cellular traffic and consecutively boost network efficiency in your business-critical regions.


Make best use of the available frequency spectrum by reusing same frequencies within geographical areas.

MIMO DAS Solutions​

Delivering high-speed cellular
connectivity in high-density

In high-density environments such as airports, metros, theatres, large malls, and food courts there is a need to handle high data speed and traffic surge. MIMO DAS solutions offer 5x more capacity and speed than traditional SISO solutions.

MIMO DAS systems work by utilizing multiple antennas to transmit and receive data, effectively increasing the capacity and coverage of cellular signals. By supporting multiple users simultaneously, it ensures reliable cellular connectivity.

iBUS offers MIMO DAS solutions to various industries and markets including surveillance, automotive, transportation, robotics, AR & VR, universities and healthcare. These solutions can help these industries and markets to handle high data speed and traffic surge while ensuring reliable cellular connectivity.

Our Clientele

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Connect your buildings to the future with iBUS!

iBUS Mobility delivers 100% return through CapEX reimbursement model.