At iBUS, we believe the world needs more than one-dimensional solutions. We’re on a mission to create a better future for everyone by pioneering multi-dimensional solutions. Our solutions connect and empower lives, making businesses more efficient, creating more connected communities, and helping to build a more sustainable world. Join us on this journey of positive impact and change.

We thrive on everything digital

‘Digital’ is the fundamental attribute of our solutions. We create and deliver scalable, social, and self-aware digital connectivity systems.

We build sustainable infrastructure

We build a combination of physical and virtual infrastructures that are poised for the long-term, are repeatable, and have increasing utility.

We are solution architects

Our ‘applied technology’ approach enables us to solve real-world problems innovatively and deliver unique and seamless customer experience.

About iBUS

Next-Gen Digital Connectivity

iBUS delivers digital infrastructure solutions with a full suite of offerings that enables networks for businesses and institutions.

Led by technocrats and visionaries, iBUS aims to connect everyone, everything, everywhere. 

iBUS is the largest neutral digital infrastructure player, transforming and delivering connectivity solutions in India with an objective of bridging the digital divide

iBUS is a pioneer leading the 5G convergence landscape, building interoperable digital connectivity infrastructure. The company is integrating its existing solutions of in-building and Wi-Fi services with intelligent IoT and Data. With necessary and sufficient regulatory authorizations, iBUS is at the forefront of business innovation.

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Digital convergence solutions​

iBUS In-Building Solutions equips your buildings with 5G-ready infra for seamless integration and IoT capabilities.

IBS Retail: IBS-Retail provides indoor coverage solutions in Grade A, B and C office spaces, malls, hospitals, etc.

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IBS Institutional: IBS-Institutional provides indoor coverage solutions for large institutions and government spaces like airports, urban metro systems, etc.

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iBUS Wi-Fi: iBUS Wi-Fi provides end-to-end Wi-Fi Managed Services for hotels, education, hospitals, malls, co-living, co-working, airports, metros and HNI residences. It caters to institutional clients such as public spaces, government offices, metros, and airports.

Microsense: Microsense is a leading Wi-Fi provider for the hospitality segment, where it serves over 120 premium hotels across the country and overseas; with close to 20,000 guest rooms across India.

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Leverage existing 5G and Wi-Fi connectivity networks to build IoT systems with zero infrastructure costs. iBUS IoT is led by consulting, where every solution is co-developed and co-engineered with the customer.

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iBUS Data helps you uncover what customers want with 1st party GDPR compliant data to drive intelligent and effective communications. iBUS Data helps businesses understand local users’ requirements for hyperlocal data and provides insights into regional consumer behaviour data.

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Digital convergence solutions


Driven by visionary leaders


Led by technocrats
Ram Sellaratnam is a strategist with strong business acumen and a dedicated technologist above everything else. He has one singular vision for iBUS: to play a pivotal role in bridging the digital divide in India by connecting everyone, everywhere and everything.

Ram Sellaratnam


Subash Vasudevan is a visionary who believes that digital transformation is no longer an option, it is the future. Backed by a career spanning over 18 years in the IT industry, Subash accepts challenges and faces them head-on to provide exceptional solutions.

Subash Vasudevan


Sunil Menon is a visionary who believes that innovation begins where the Possible ends. His vision for iBUS is to enable high-quality indoor connectivity to provide an authentic and immersive experience of the digital world.

Sunil Menon



iBUS acquires Microsense to up focus on hospitality, retail Wi-Fi segments.


iBUS acquires Microsense to up focus on hospitality, retail Wi-Fi segments.

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