Revolutionizing scalable,
secure, and reliable solutions
for the businesses of tomorrow

iBUS IoT enables you to unlock the power of IoT
with tailored solutions designed to optimize costs and
achieve long-term sustainability goals

Digital twin technology for real estate and smart facilities

iBUS is the undisputed market leader in next-generation wireless technology, with 5G, LTE, WiFi, and LPWAN access technologies that enable wide mobility, high throughput, ultra-reliability, and sensor-cloud connectivity.

Our end-to-end solutions benefit a variety of industries, including real estate and smart facilities, empowering asset owners and operators to make data-led decisions in real time. By combining our connectivity portfolio with applications from a robust ecosystem of partners, we transform how people interact with their space and advance sustainability goals while improving operational efficiency.

Why iBUS is trusted by industry leaders

No. 1 Market share

We’ve built our reputation on delivering cutting-edge In-building and Wi-Fi solutions to bring in a level of expertise and market insight that’s unrivaled in the industry.

Award - winning innovation

Our forward-thinking approach for innovation has been recognized by Red Herring Global Awards, which has named us one of the top telecommunications companies in the world.

Extensive coverage

iBUS covers over 1 billion sq ft of area, and our Wi-Fi delivers high-speed coverage for 2+ million m2 of area enabling businesses to establish the connectivity and collect actionable data they need to thrive in today’s evolving digital landscape.

Tailored IoT solutions

IoT consulting

Our expert team provides tailored consulting services that leverage our unparalleled market insights to help businesses develop and execute IoT infrastructure that are scalable, secure, and reliable. Our focus on decarbonization and cost optimization ensures that your organization is well-positioned for achieving long-term sustainability goals.

Advanced IoT apps, analytics, and services

Our suite of IoT apps, analytics, and services is designed to transform the volume, velocity, and variety of your data into actionable insights that enhance the occupant experience and drive business performance. Our solutions are built on a foundation of unprecedented transparency, enabling you to gain new insights and uncover hidden opportunities that were previously inaccessible.

Edge computing

Our edge computing solutions enable real-time data processing and storage, predictive maintenance, and advanced security and surveillance, driving innovation and growth for your organization. Our heterogeneous approach ensures that your IoT solutions are customized to your specific needs, enabling you to transform building data into asset value and achieve exceptional levels of operational efficiency.

Data is the single biggest catalyst for green progress.

Robust, efficient, and trustworthy

Robust and

Designed to keep pace with your growing business needs, operational intelligence system offers scale and flexibility of deployment as per requirement. It comfortably handles high volumes of traffic and transactions and works smoothly even in poor network conditions.

Comprehensive real-time visibility

Simplistic design allows for easy learning and operation. Intuitive alerts, instant reports and accurate data let you gain deep business insights, bring down costs and dramatically increase the efficiency of your processes.


Seamless integration with all major BMS including Honeywell, Schneider, Johnson Electric and CAFM ensures accurate and timely capturing of data while minimizing time to value.

As you embark on the smart building journey, iBUS can deliver solutions combining industry expertise, powerful tools and extensive partner ecosystem to tackle the technical challenges of integration and interoperability. We offer a flexible and modular approach to your business to scale solutions and fit the needs and capabilities, achieving long term sustainable goals.