Enabling business
and social continuity
through seamless
Wi-Fi connectivity.

Delivering high-speed internet access and
cutting-edge location-based services, iBUS is an
industry leader in Wi-Fi solutions solving
high-priority use cases.

Wi-Fi solutions

Connectivity is unstoppable with our smart Wi-Fi solutions

iBUS specializes in providing businesses with reliable, high-speed Wi-Fi connectivity and location-based services to enhance people experiences and improve business operations.

Our solutions range from smart rooms and guest room entertainment to hyper-local advertising and high-end residential managed services.
Wi-Fi Solutions

Solving industry challenges with Wi-Fi solutions

Gain a competitive edge in the market with iBUS WiFi

Market leader in India – Hospitality Wi-Fi solutions

Unmatched Connectivity with >200,000 daily users

Our managed services cover over 60,000 access points, catering to the needs of over 200,000 daily users.

Powering 50,000+ rooms across the

We have a strong presence in the hospitality industry, and our services are powering over 50,000 rooms across India and beyond.

with users

Our location-based services and analytics solutions helps hotels to personalize their services and improve the overall guest experience.

experience with
smart rooms

Our Wi-Fi solutions offer more than just internet access. We provide guest room entertainment, digital dashboards, and smart room solutions that enhance the guest experience.

Why choose iBUS

Tailored solutions for unique needs

We work closely with each client to understand their unique goals and challenges, and then create customised options that deliver the best value and performance.


Our seamless and secure network enhances the Wi-Fi user experience.

Reliable Uptime

Provides business and social continuity for various internet-dependent critical processes.

Enabling internet for a million+ users

iBUS and Microsense jointly offer Wi-Fi coverage for over 1000 sites – enabling millions to connect to the internet.

Our clientele

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