Intelligent Building Operating
Systems: Acquire, Aggregate,
and Analyze Data-at-Scale
reduce energy and HVAC
maintenance costs

i-BOS enables building owners and operators across
diverse industries, including hospitality, commercial
real estate, malls, healthcare and data centers to
achieve remarkable energy efficiency. 


Optimizing Operations for Maximum Savings 

At iBUS, Intelligent Building Operating Systems is dedicated to significantly reducing operational energy costs, with a focus on achieving up to 30% savings. By leveraging cutting-edge technologies such as AI-enabled automation, we provide comprehensive solutions that optimize HVAC, ELV, and MEP systems.

Our consultative approach not only ensures substantial energy savings but also enhances operational efficiency, reliability, and sustainability. We work closely with our clients to tailor our solutions to their specific needs, ensuring that they receive the maximum benefit from our services. 

Deliver maximum energy efficiency and savings through our Solution Play 

Energy Management & Optimization 

Optimizing HVAC systems, which can account for up to 60% of a building’s total energy consumption.  Implementations have resulted in energy savings of up to 30% in the first few weeks. 

Environment Management & Optimization 

Monitoring and controlling indoor environmental quality, including CO2 levels, particulate matter, and volatile organic compounds.  Improved indoor air quality can enhance employee productivity by up to 11%. 

Building Management & Optimization 

Comprehensive solutions for managing HVAC, ELV, and MEP systems, ensuring seamless integration and optimal performance.  Predictive maintenance can reduce downtime by 50% and extend equipment life by 40%. 

Smart Integration for Maximum Efficiency 

Our proprietary Connected Operations Cloud integrates various building systems into a unified platform, enabling advanced data analytics and real-time monitoring. 


Ensures seamless interconnection of all systems, breaking down operational silos. 


Covers all physical equipment and environments within a building.


Scalable and cloud-native, offering web-scale benefits including remote monitoring and management. 

We Optimize Your Operations by leveraging Data and AI

We collect data from diverse sources, analyze it for actionable insights, and transform it into strategies for optimization: 

Data Ingestion

Collecting data from diverse equipment and sources within the operational environment. 

Data Analysis

Using AI to contextualize and analyze the data, identifying patterns and inefficiencies

Data Transformation

Implementing control and automation based on insights from the analyzed data. 

The i-Siddhi Framework – A Holistic Approach to Building Optimization 

The i-Siddhi framework is at the core of our Intelligent Building Operating System, structured around three key pillars: Heal, Balance, and Optimize.

Why Choose i-BOS?


Our solution scales across existing systems and use cases, seamlessly. CPM +BMS+EMS+ESG.

(CPM – Chiller Plant Manager; BMS – Building Management System; EMS – Active Energy Management System; ESG – ESG Reporting)

Incentive alignment

iBUS fosters at-scale deployment by aligning the incentives between the owner and tenants of multi-tenanted buildings through innovative zero-capex business models.


iBUS offers ubiquitous, fast, reliable, low-latency connectivity as a prequel to 5G private wireless networks for enterprises.

Tailored Solutions Across Sectors 

Building a Sustainable Future, One Building at a Time
Discover how our innovative solutions can help you achieve remarkable energy efficiency and cost savings.