Press Play & Slay Away

In this wild world, where global travel has become more accessible than ever, the concept of “a small world” takes center stage. Gone are the days of wrestling with multiple remote controls in hotel rooms, stubborn thermostats, and the battle with the blinds. No more endless calls to concierge for trivial matters, only to receive a disapproving glance.

Blissful Comfort: Zero Effort

Bid adieu to the sad old days of battling with thermostat monsters or embarking on the epic quest to find the light switch. With Guest room entertainment, kick back and effortlessly command these monsters with a snap, clap or even better – “your voice command”. Imagine this: After a tired day of gallivanting, you stroll into your hotel hideaway for some quiet time, and with just a flick of your wrist, the room transfers into your personal paradise- “like you never left home”.

Your Room, Your Rules

Bid adieu to the sad old days of struggling to find your favorite shows or even channels in a distant foreign country. Waking up in Japan, and still being able to catch up on the brass-tacks in our native language is no longer a luxury with Guest room entertainment.

Fort-Knox Security Level

Bid adieu to living in fear when a bell rings in your hotel room, alone in a distant city. Safety is serious business, but with GRE’s ninja-level sensors and motion sensors, your hotel room would transform to a high-tech fortress just like our good old James Bond movies. So go ahead, and sleep that jet lag off, knowing that your room is locked down tighter than a Fort Knox.

Sujit Singh, the visionary CEO of Microsense, takes us on an exciting journey and shares these expert insights on a future where traditional intercoms might become obsolete, guests might be able to order coffee via TV. Seamless control over room settings, personalized and immersive guest experience, welcome to the future of hospitality with Microsense.

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