All things seamless: Connecting the Wireless Future

In today’s volatile, uncertain, complex, and ambiguous (VUCA)world, globalization has become easier with the advent of internet, which has permeated every aspect of our lives. Imagine embarking on an international trip without access to Wi-Fi at the airport or your hotel- such a scenario would cause us great inconvenience. This would be the plight if it wasn’t for DAS, Small Cell & MIMO which ensures seamless connectivity with lower data rates, high speed, and minimal downtime even in remote areas. Let us deep dive into each of these technologies.

DAS: – Always be in the zone, no matter where you roam

DAS – the Distributed Antenna Systems that contribute for the advanced connectivity accounting for large number of users, ensures reliable internet access. From hospitality to hospitals, from education to entertainment, we are heavily dependent on the internet. Without DAS, any open crowded space, from your malls, hotels, airports, apartment buildings, office wifi, would experience slow data speeds, dropped calls, connectivity issues.

Small cell tech: – Pocket powerhouse of connectivity

Small Cell on the other hand, is a low powered cellular radio access node used in areas where traditional macrocell towers may not provide adequate signal strength. Travelling to a remote geographic place, we might experience a glitch with the signal strength, where small cell might come in handy to save our day. iBUS small cell consumes less power than conventional base stations to boost network in remote areas which are critical to business growth.

MIMO – The quintessential conductor of wireless communication

MIMO which stands for Multiple in Multiple Out is another key offering from iBUS which supersedes SISO, without which we might have poor area coverage, prolonged response time, intermittent connectivity, and reduced reliability. MIMO offers schools and educational institutions a robust coverage, accommodating higher user densities, and is well equipped to meet the evolving needs of students and teachers.

Ever wondered how annoying it might be when you are witnessing your favourite sports live in the stadium but are unable to tweet about it instantaneously? Stadiums use DAS to enable seamless connectivity amidst heavy traffic

Mr. Ram Sellaratnam, MD & CEO of iBUS , talks about the “Subsets of radio communication systems” or what really goes on within the massive seamless connectivity we experience despite the heavy traffic and fewer macrocells. Curious about the mystery of our invisible conductors, tune in and listen to Ram’s podcast here.